CPB – Certified Professional Biller – First Payment




The Certified Professional Biller (CPB™) online review is designed for individuals
seeking to advance their knowledge and expertise in the world of Insurance. The
individual will gain knowledge in the area of government plans, managed care,
and private payers. In addition to learning insurance plans, other vital
components to becoming an experienced biller is learning how payments and
adjustments are configured, learning how the cms-1500 claim form and UB-04
claim form diferentiates as well as how to apply Local Coverage Determinations
(LCD’s) and National Coverage Determinations (NCD’s) and much more. For those
that already hold an AAPC credential, the AAPC awards 40 CEU’s for successfully
completing this review with an overall 70% or greater. For those looking for an
excellent review to help in preparations for the exam, this is an excellent review
to consider completing.

Resources and Materials Included:

  • 2020 CPT Updates on new codes
  • 2020 ICD10CM Updated Notes
  • 2-part webinar on the CPT Updated codes


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