Practicode and CPC Refresher




Practicode is for those that have obtained the CPC-A credential and are looking to remove the A-Apprenticeship designation by completing the online AAPC Practicode with an overall of 70% or better upon completion. The CPC Refresher has been approved for 20 CEU’s.

This refresher combines the AAPC Practicode and CPC Refresher. The refresher includes recorded webinars that cover each section of the CPT and each chapter-specific guidelines of the ICD-10-CM in addition to online access to the AAPC Practicode. The refresher has been authorized for 20 CEU’s by the AAPC upon completion. Upon receipt of purchase materials/resources will be sent to the email provided within 12 hours of purchase.
Students will have access for 1 year on the CPC Refresher after the date of purchase. The AAPC Practicode is subject to the AAPC online terms for access.
Resources and Materials Included:
• Recorded webinars on every section of the CPT.
• ICD-10-CM recorded webinars
• All 2021 CPT notes and ICD10CM notes


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